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Power Tug

Post by mmiller54 »

Any recommendations on a power tug for a tricycle gear maule? Thanks.

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Re: Power Tug

Post by andy »

I have a Best Tugs A3 for my tail wheel MX-7-180 and it works great. They also make adapters for nose wheel airplanes:


Not the least expensive tugs but very well made and effective.
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Re: Power Tug

Post by RedOwlAirfield »

I have a Best Tugs A3 I use for my Cessna 180. I'd recommend it to anyone. Great product and great company to deal with.

(NOTE - Although I fly a 180 I'm here because I originally wanted a Maule - but couldn't find one to buy. Maybe someday....)

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Re: Power Tug

Post by TomD »

I have a gas powered PowerTow EZ-40. Pulling a M5-235C They have adapters for most everything. powertow.com.

Keep an eye out. These folks have been in business long enough that there are a number of used ones available.


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Re: Power Tug

Post by Flyhound »

With all the electric bikes and electric skateboards out there, lots of parts are available that can be adapted to a home-made tug. I built one for my Maule taildragger that cost ~ $300 to build. It works great and I never have to change the oil or keep gas cans in the hangar. I wrote a piece about my build in Backcountrypilots.org. Here's the link to that site:

https://backcountrypilot.org/forum/best ... ug#p346859

It wouldn't be hard to make a similar tug for a trike.

Here's a video of it in use: https://youtu.be/x9jSVm6-O3g
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