Maule Instructor List

Finding a qualified Maule instructor and mechanic in your area. Recommendations, requests etc... Please mention graphic location
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Chris in Milwaukee
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If you’d prefer to check out with a Wisconsin flight instructor, I recommend John Chmiel at Wausau Flying Service. He helped me transition into my Maule. But I see what you’re looking to do. Best of luck!
Christopher Owens
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Re: M7-260C

Post by MauleEnvy »

crhannay wrote:I need a CFI to get me the 2 hours my insurance company requires and to ride with me from Northern Wisconsin to Afton, Wyoming. I do ultimately want to take more instruction from George Kirkish. There are a couple of CFIs listed in Montana which might be good choices for me. I will also check with the Aviat Factory here in Afton and see if they know of any CFIs with M7-260 time.
A lot of the contact info is out dated so any updated contact info would be most appreciated.
Curt Hannay
Go see Rick Geiger in Cut Bank MT. Montana by Air. Goes by Montana Maule on this forum. You won’t find a better Maule instructor!

I spent a week down with him last month. He is a great instructor and really knows Maules.
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Post by JerseyJim »

+1 for Rick.
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COVID instructing

Post by bdc311 »

Is anyone available to instruct in May as COVID restrictions are eased? I've contacted a few on the list but some people aren't open understandably!

Washington, DC area but will travel wherever.

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Re: Maule Instructor List

Post by philphil_99 »

I'm new to your group but just noticed this listing. If you still need help please give me a call. Thanks, Phil

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Re: Maule Instructor List

Post by TxAgfisher »

Any CFI's with M5 time NE of Cleveland, OH? Insurance wants a check out.
TJ Van Matre

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Re: Maule Instructor List

Post by MikeRugg »

Looking for a CFI with a Maule in the Southern California area. Going to be purchasing a M5, and want to get a little time under my belt while I hunt up the right plane.


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Re: Maule Instructor List

Post by CraigWV »

I have a new (to me) M7 -260. Looking for experience Maule CFI in North/Northeast FL
Any suggestions?

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Re: Maule Instructor List

Post by Kirk »

You aren’t to far from Moultrie, GA. Worth considering going up and spending a day or two with Maule Flight. Your insurer might even take that into consideration.


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