Maule Autopilot selection

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Re: Maule Autopilot selection

Post by Undaunted »

Which location of Duncan Aviation is interested in taking this on? Assuming the price is reasonable I would be happy to have them use my M7 as well for the STC.
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Re: Maule Autopilot selection

Post by Brockporch »

I’m on board to get one as well. I’m not too interested in the IFR portion, but to reduce workload and to save ones bacon if I bumbled into marginal conditions.

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Re: Maule Autopilot selection

Post by Allparg »

I am in also! M7. Wish Garmin would get on board since my panel is Garmin🙄. As asked previously which Duncan location? I Wrenched in Klnk many moons ago…


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Re: Maule Autopilot selection

Post by Dazza »

Hi Anyone looked at a Trio
They have an STC company to handle certifications. I have contacted them without success but if more people do maybe they may react
Experimental at present I have used one in a friend aircraft, very easy to use. Claim they have over 3000 in the field, Friend installed his 10 years ago
I would like one for long trips. Long distances in outback Aussie
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Re: Maule Autopilot selection

Post by grub »

I have a Stec-20 in my 2000 MXT-7 maule. Its currently not flying so i inquired about moving the STEC-20 to the MX-7 we have. STEC said they would need $8000 minimum to check it out and re-certify it for the MX-7. AND, they will only work directly with a dealer so that means us A&P can't touch it and we will need to pay the dealer a little cash as well. So $10,000 for an autopilot that we own. Nothing like a monopoly to ensure profitability.......

The avionic arena needs competition. TruTrac was rocking along till Bendix King swallowed them up. Just like what Garmin did to Apollo. Trio still works with A&P but they may be the only one now.

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