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checklists and POH

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I recently bought a MT-7 235 and I'll be picking it up soon. I've been looking on the web for a PDF copy of the Maule POH that doesn't cost $70.00 ( the Maule website has a link to ATC for all of their manuals) and a Maule checklist. I have a checklist ordered from , but I'm not a fan of their checklists in general. I'm thinking that there must be a maule-owning flying club out there that has an online copy of the POH and their own version of a checklist. This website doesn't have anything in it's technical info section. Any ideas?

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Re: checklists and POH

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My 1986 MX-7-180 POH has pre-flight and operating checklists. Maule's decision to transfer distribution of the POHs from their website where they were free to ATP where they cost $70 wasn't popular among Maule owners but it is what it is. You might be able to get a PDF version of a comparable POH from another Maule owner but you should get the one that is marked with your aircraft's serial number and N number when you pick it up, along with the logbooks.

Post the year of manufacture of your MT-7-235 on the forum and maybe another owner will send you a copy of theirs. Another possibility is to call Maule Parts and see if they will email you one at no cost.
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