20/40 Ratchet and Bent Flap Handle PIREP

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20/40 Ratchet and Bent Flap Handle PIREP

Post by TxAgfisher »

That combo is THE DEAL! M4 got back in the air today and I put 3 landings on it for my currency after a laundry list of delays during annual.

I can't wait to get out and do some slow flight in it to see what it will do. I do know, that my initial reaction after today has me wondering about whether or not to install the gap seals. I may not, as it will not start sinking unless I get below 50 or so mph as it is.

I had a tendency to flare w/power a little high as I was coming in slower - a couple of hours behind it and it ought to be gravy.
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Post by pilot »

I can't remember if I fired six shots, or only five.....

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Post by plowboy »

I agree, it is a fine combo.

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Post by PCH »

Check out the gap seals that CubCrafters sells for Super Cubs. The material, though not approved, fits the Maule perfectly. Did some testing this weekend and found a big improvement. With the gap seals, I no longer run out of elevator (with me in the Maule, we are at a forward CG). Also, it got rid of the annoying Maule hop when 3 pointing the landings. Expensive but very easy to install and remove.

Now, if someone would just get it approved.

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Post by Pecos »

I installed the bent flap handle and 20/40 degree ratchet, flew it today. I agree it makes a quite an improvement in a already good plane. Would recommend it highly

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Re: 20/40 Ratchet and Bent Flap Handle PIREP

Post by M5Chatter »

My A&P installed the 20/40 Ratchet and Bent Flap handle on my M5. I measured the deflection and instead of 20 degrees it's 40 on the first notch and the second notch is 60 degrees. What? Any ideas why?

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Re: 20/40 Ratchet and Bent Flap Handle PIREP

Post by Andy Young »

Are you measuring relative to the wing?

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Re: 20/40 Ratchet and Bent Flap Handle PIREP

Post by asa »

Can someone outline what the difference(s) are before/after this mod? Is the bent flap handle (which my M7 has I think) just an ergonomic improvement? What were the flap settings before the 20/40 mod?


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Re: 20/40 Ratchet and Bent Flap Handle PIREP

Post by G21pilot »

I need to do this on my M4. It’s been on my radar for a while. How much were the parts? Did you buy from Maule or find them elsewhere?

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Re: 20/40 Ratchet and Bent Flap Handle PIREP

Post by maules.com »

The bent flap handle is to better allow reaching the handle when at 0 degrees.
M4 and M5 have totally different flap mechanism than M6 MX7 M7 M8 M9 which all have a bent up flap handle from production.
Original M4 and M5 had 0 degrees, 15 and 35, and later ratchet is 0 20 and 40 degrees.
Higher degree angles have been estimated on some aircraft though linkage etc needs some finagling.
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Re: 20/40 Ratchet and Bent Flap Handle PIREP

Post by andy »

Can't imagine having to reach farther down for the flap handle. Moving the handle on my MX-7-180 in and out of the -7 degree setting is a long stretch even with the bent handle.
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