Aspiring new members - IMPORTANT REMINDER

STEP 1: Register your new account (or for current members w lost passwords, request to password reset)

STEP 2: VERY IMPORTANT: Confirm your Email address by responding to the Welcome message with 'PLZ ACTIVATE' and add a line into the message why you want to be a member. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR USERNAME IS INCLUDED IN THE ACTIVATION REQUEST MSG
NO activations without this step. (Plz Keep your msg till you are activated)

STEP 3: Wait for the activation message and then log into your new account and bookmark
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Aspiring new members - IMPORTANT REMINDER

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Hello and welcome to everyone who recently registered (but didn’t request activation) and everyone who wants to become a member.
We have had issues with the email address to request activation. The admin email address was compromised. This is fixed now.
If you have recently requested account activation by responding to the welcome message and are unable to log in, please request it again and I will approve you legit request, also an email has been sent to the not activated registrations

There will be NO activation without responding to the welcome message, which ensures that your email is valid and also asks you for your reasons and interest why you would like to join our forum. Also, we will need your username (which is in the welcome message) in order to activate you.
So, if you registered and didn’t do anything else, you are inactive.
After a given time, all accounts who never go activated will get deleted, so please look for your welcome to message, request activation and state your interest as to why you would like to become a member.
This is to protect out forum from advertisers, scammers and everyone who might try to get aboard for other reasons than being interested in Maules.

Thanks guys and gals.
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