Island Bike Ride

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Island Bike Ride

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It's been a disappointing summer in terms of flying adventures. I got skunked by weather on my "stargazing" trip to the Alvord desert, then forest fires all over the west convinced me to cancel my planned trip to Oshkosh. I don't like dealing with the smell, the low visibility or myriad of TFRs that littered the passes through the Rockies. Wahhh, wahhh, wahhh, I know, I'm a crybaby. I do fly for fun though, and dealing with severe fire conditions, is like dealing with severe weather - it just isn't fun. So, I've made the best I can of local flying. Here's a wee little video of a morning hop to the San Juan Islands for a short bike ride. This time I took my folding bike rather than my full sized carbon framed road bike because the roads on Lopez Island are all chip sealed. That stuff is miserable to ride on with narrow, high pressure tires. My folding bike has suspension front and back and that smooths out some of the constant vibration of riding on chip seal. Overall, it was a good morning trip, and took away some of the pain of cancelling bigger adventures. The great thing about Maule's is their ability to easily haul all kinds of toys for big, and small adventures.
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